Clean water supplies for the city and rural area in southern India

23 Feb 2023

Better living conditions for the people and the environment through the fair distribution of clean drinking water: Our experts are applying their know-how for a clean water supply in southern India. They are providing support as consultants for French Development Bank project in the Puducherry region.

The purpose of the project is the expansion of the sources of water supplies and upgrading of the system in the urban area of Puducherry, in the Puducherry district. One of the most important sectors of the economy in the former French colony is the textile industry, which also supplies the global market. Leather goods now account for the biggest share of exports. Fishing, agriculture, flowers and the cultivation of medical and aromatic plants are also a source of income for many people in the area, with a population of around 900,000. The IT sector has also become increasingly important in recent years.

The sole source of drinking water here is groundwater, which is contaminated by, among other things, high levels of nitrate. Demographic and economic growth is putting significant pressure on available water resources. This will probably be further exacerbated by climate change. There is therefore an urgent need for the planning and implementation of a sustainable system for the water supply and wastewater disposal as an element of basic services.  

Sustainable water supply for better living conditions

The objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Puducherry and its environs by making more clean drinking water available and distributing it efficiently. In addition, a healthy and attractive environment is to be created in order to foster the development of the city.

Our team started its work, by appointment of the French Development Bank (AFD), at the end of 2022. They will be accompanying Phase I until December 2025. This comprises: 

  • Expansion of the water supply through new tube wells
  • Expansion of the water supply to the areas close to the city of Puducherry
  • Search for alternative sources for the whole Puducherry region
  • Development of a subterranean sewage system for the uncovered areas of the metropolitan area of Puducherry (PUAA)

Our experts have extensive international experience in this field. They will identify suitable sources for the water supply and draw up a detailed draft plan and project reports for the 24/7 water supply system for Puducherry (with eight sub-zones, three pilot zones, a 311 km water supply network and eight above-ground reservoirs). In addition, they will prepare the tender documents and provide the client with support on the tendering process. They will then oversee the construction of the entire water supply system and draw up the implementation plans, including a detailed project report, for a 675 km long sewage system network.

They will also explore innovative technologies such as dual piping systems, integrated water resources management, a digital aquifer management and monitoring system, technologies for the reuse of treated wastewater and more.

“Given the urgency of climate change, we are committed to helping our clients make a positive contribution to a sustainable world where people, planet and profit thrive together. Puducherry is facing a water crisis. Our innovative solutions will prevent devastating "day zero" scenarios of water running dry.”

Shovan Kumar Ghosh, Country Director, Tractebel in India

Image: Shovan Kumar Ghosh, Country Director, Tractebel GKW in India

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