Solar takes float in Brazil

30 jan 2020

Part of a new Tractebel focus in Latin America; in line with projects that have zero carbon as a guideline, a 15 hectare floating photovoltaic plant is under development on the Batalha hydroelectric power plant reservoir in Paracatu, Minas Gerais.

Carrying out this complex renewables project for Furnas Centrais Elétricas, Tractebel will develop the basic project for the implementation of Batalha Photovoltaic Plants (UFVs) I, II and III. The objective is to reach a total installed power of 30MW. This will be achieved with about 90,900 photovoltaic modules floated on the reservoir, the balance of photovoltaic modules needed to meet the target will be developed on the ground, making use of what was once the construction site of Batalha Hydro. The energy generated will be sufficient to meet the monthly energy needs of close to 30,000 homes.

According to Maria Guilhermina Drummond, Superintendent of the Tractebel Energy Product Line in Latin America, the benefits of a floating photovoltaic solar plant are numerous. "This type of installation offers an efficiency gain in capturing solar energy, since, as they are close to the water, the modules remain cleaner and cooler, an essential factor for superior performance", she explains.

“Floating modules installed on the otherwise unused reservoir of hydroelectric power plants for the generation of solar energy is a smart strategy when aiming for a zero-carbon future,” adds Fabiane Ferrão, Manager of the Renewable Business Unit. “This unconventional project marks the beginning of our efforts in the niche of Complex Renewables in Brazil, complementing and adding to the floating solar experience Tractebel has been gaining in other countries since 2015.”

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