Charging stations for the brand new hospital in Charleroi

30 May 2022

In order to ensure the ecological transition to green vehicles, Tractebel worked for VK Architects to provide a dimensioning plan for the charging station infrastructure at the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi, one of the largest hospitals in Belgium.

As part of its strategic development project, the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi, aims to provide a brand new hospital which meets the requirements of its users, while offering ideal access possibilities, an environmentally friendly landscaping and its surroundings. 

In order to ensure the transition to more environmentally friendly vehicles, Tractebel has been commissioned to establish the number and type of charging stations needed in the car park of the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi until 2040. This sizing is based on the mobility demand of each type of user, from visitors to patients and employees.

A combination of scenarios was studied based on the evolution of electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids:

  • Two scenarios based on manufacturers' sales and production forecasts for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Two scenarios that are more in line with government requirements for CO2 reduction targets.

The calculation also took into account the behavioural aspect of the users of this type of vehicle according to their recharging habits: will users recharge their vehicles as soon as they can or only when they really need to? There are so many parameters to take into account.

Tractebel was also involved in the strategy for setting up the underground car park, i.e. the strategic location of the charging stations, taking into account the safety requirements for fire safety in the car park.

This is a strategic project since charging stations for electric vehicles play a key role in the ecological transition and are an integral part of the migration to a greener world.

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