A sustainable future

Throughout our activities, this is what we want to stand up for!

Tractebel is committed to bringing about positive change through ecological transition. With a global vision, Tractebel contributes to the mitigation of climate change and a better environment by developing sustainable solutions and encourage the transition to a carbon-neutral world, more sustainable cities and water management.

Key facts

  • Tractebel aims not only to reduce our own environmental impact but also to contribute to a better environment
  • To the best extent possible, we eliminate the negative impact our activities and development projects could have on the environment and people.
  • We believe the environment plays a key role in all the solutions we provide.
  • Our management system ensures strict adherence to the highest standards of environmental management.

photography – David Plas

Our 4 main commitments

  1. Anticipate, in order to eliminate, the harmful impact on the natural environment and on people that may result from any of Tractebel’s activities around the world.

  2. Make sure that our customers benefit from environmentally friendly, innovative solutions

  3. Make all our employees and stakeholders aware of the environmental challenges

  4. Comply with labour and environmental legislation wherever we operate.

Our Policy

Tractebel pursues a sustainable future by thinking ahead to reduce or eliminate any harmful impact our activities and projects might have on the environment. We aim at reducing our own environmental footprint and make sure employees and stakeholders are aware of environmental challenges in which we, as a company, play a part. As a result, our operational processes and approach to design has set an example of sustainability for others to follow. Some of our management systems for creating a sustainable environment have been recognised with different environmental certifications such as ISO 14001 and the eco-dynamic label.

We encourage each of our stakeholders to act on these undertakings communicated in our environmental policy. 

Consult our Environmental Policy

We contribute to a sustainable environment

Together with our clients we create added value by integrating sustainability in all project phases, from idea to execution. We contribute to a better environment through our specific environmental expertise as well as in the energy, water and the infrastructure sectors. 

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