A day in the life of Said, BIM Design Engineer in Transport Infrastructure

02 Aug 2022

To attract the best BIM talents, the Transport Infrastructure team looks beyond Belgium's borders. Said tells us with passion how an international BIM engineer can make a career at Tractebel and how he experiences our company culture.

Said, where are you from and how did you arrive at Tractebel?

I'm from Lebanon and I heard about Tractebel through LinkedIn. It's one of the best business platforms for networking, a great job search tool and the best way to keep up with industry news.
Tractebel is very active on LinkedIn, which is how I found the job that matched my future career ambitions, and after a few interviews with HR and the team, I was the lucky one to join the Tractebel family on 1 December 2021 as a BIM Design Engineer.

How did you experience your move to Belgium and your arrival at Tractebel?

Moving to Belgium was not very difficult for me as Europe has always been one of my favorite holiday destinations. I already had the opportunity to explore a bit of Belgian culture while travelling and I felt it was a good place to live and work.

Starting to work at Tractebel is one of the best experiences of my professional career, where the HR, the team and the management ensured a smooth integration. In addition, the healthy environment Tractebel offers has allowed me to start working efficiently and productively right from the start. No two days are alike and that's exactly what I was looking for!

Do you have a motto?

Every day we have a new story to write, new goals to achieve and many challenges to face, we will all get there eventually, we just have to believe in our dreams!

What is the stage of your career that you are most proud of?

My professional career has been filled with solid experience gained in companies in different parts of the world, including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and now Belgium and Europe.

Every time I work on a new project I learn new design standards, new ways of working and new skills. I am passionate about being at the forefront of new technologies.

Do you have any career plans for the future? 

My career plans are quite ambitious, I'd rather talk about them in the future than tell you all about them now. But I think Tractebel is the best place to grow and fulfil my career dreams. According to the management, there are no limits to our future growth at Tractebel. I see my future here in a very positive way.

What is the most interesting thing you have experienced at Tractebel or in Belgium so far?

The events at Tractebel are really unique and well organised. I have already had the chance to attend the "Friends NYC Patio Party", Tractebel's staff party at the Silo in Brussels
Thanks to this kind of events, I had the chance to get to know and meet new colleagues from different fields and disciplines. It is also a great opportunity to break the ice with all members of the Tractebel family, including the management who are very close to the teams, there is no hierarchical discrimination present.

In my opinion, it is very interesting to work in an environment with complementary teams, people with different expertise working well together. To me, this is a sign that there is a healthy connection between the teams, colleagues and the management.

Do you have any advice for someone from abroad who wants to make an international career in the engineering sector?

For me, taking risks for a new adventure in a new country is a very pleasant experience because I don't like routine, and challenges give me energy. I can recommend to anyone who wishes to grow and advance in their career to dare and seize any opportunity, even if it means moving abroad. Take the chance and dare to go for it!

After eight months working at Tractebel, I can say that it is a good place to look because they have a clear vision of the future and they are looking to invest more not only in Belgium but also worldwide.

Curious about engineering or other careers at Tractebel? Click here to see our current job openings.

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