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Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) implemented the Qurayyah II Combined Cycle Power Plant approximately 100 km south of Dammam. In a first phase, the project comprised 15 GE frame 7FA gas turbines, which were operated in open cycle configuration. In phase two, the project was converted to a combined cycle power plant consisting of five blocks with three gas turbines, three heat recovery boilers and one steam turbine each. In a later stage, an extension by addition of one further 3+3+1 CCPP block was carried out, resulting in the final configuration of six similar blocks.

The project was implemented in separate contracts: a purchase contract for gas turbine generators, a construction contract for the Qurayyah Open Cycle Power Plant and a contract for the conversion of the open cycle to combined cycle configuration. The power plant’s HV switchyard was also handled under a separate contract. Later, the contract for extension by one block was added.

SEC entrusted Lahmeyer International in association with SaudConsult as local partner with the project management, design review and design approval, procurement review services, site supervision, factory and workshop inspections, testing and commissioning of the first two phases of the Qurayyah CCPP as well as the site supervision services for the extension phase.

The new 3.8 GWel CCPP is located adjacent to the existing Qurayyah l Power Plant to meet the future load demand and to support the existing generation capability in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Client Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Emplacement Qurayyah II CCPP, Saudi Arabia
Période 2008 - 2016
Capacité 3830 MWel

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