Alto Maipo Hydropower Plant

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The Alto Maipo hydroelectric complex is located about 50 km south of Santiago, Chile. The project consists of two hydropower plants in the cave: Alfalfal II and Las Lajas, with the hydraulic arrangement in series. Both plants are equipped with two Pelton-type turbines with an installed capacity of 264 MW and 267 MW respectively.

Tractebel was contracted to develop the civil and electromechanical projects of the auxiliary systems of the two plants. These projects were developed with the use of BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), which resulted in a project with a high degree of quality and reliability, reducing the problems that may occur in the field during the construction phase.

Emplacement Alfalfal, San José de Maipo, Chile
Période 2014-2020
Capacité 531 MW


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