Tractebel develops remote, online noise-monitoring system

09 avril 2021

Noise. Whether it’s generated by industry, infrastructure, or in the vicinity of major works, all projects need to consider the environmental impact of the noise they generate. To address that, Tractebel has developed an application that can measure noise anywhere.

Tractebel’s user-friendly application can measure noise impact at any location, autonomously and over the long-term: the autonomous remote and online noise monitoring system. Noise measurements can be consulted anytime, from anywhere, via internet over the 4G network. 

Events notifications 

The solution has a wide array of capabilities. It can detect noise events and send instant notifications for rapid response. Events can be triggered based on noise level, or within customizable timeframes. In case of an event, noise is recorded and can be listened to and examined in more detail with sound spectrograms.  

Cloud storage and reporting 

Data is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible. Regularcomprehensive reports are automatically generated and can include histograms and statistical indicators within user-selected timeframes. 

Noise recordings and analyses 

The monitoring system uses high-grade components to provide temporal recordings using multiple, simultaneous detectors (Fast, Slow, Peak and Impulse) along with spectral signatures, 1/3 octave bands or narrow-band analysis for an in-depth look at noise levels. 

Fully customizable 

The noise management software is a proprietary development built by Tractebel specifically for this purpose. It offers the added advantage that it can be tailored to the specific needs of the project and/or client.   

“As long-time experts in noise monitoring, Tractebel identified and addressed the need to develop remote, online system to help clients monitor the noise generated by their operationsBoth humans and wildlife are adversely affected by noise, so it’s crucial to reduce it whenever possibleAs part of our commitment to the environment, we invested in a user-friendly, state-of-the-art solution to help reduce noise pollution.”  

Luc Schillemans – Tractebel Product Manager, Acoustics & Vibrations, Belgium 


Remote real-time, online measuring system 

Processing window 

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