Full day of festivities for World Environment Day in Ivory Coast

08 Jun 2021

On a day dedicated to a variety of awareness activities, our teams in Ivory Coast met with students and clients, planted trees and showcased our commitment to building a sustainable future.

Anaïs Koffienvironmental engineer and project manager with Tractebel in Ivory Coast, organized a day of activities dedicated to World Environment Day on Friday, May 4, 2021. Accompanied by her colleague and fellow environmental engineer Armand Yapo, the pair took the opportunity to remind us of the importance of preserving our environment while showcasing Tractebel's daily commitment to environmental issues.  


Change begins from within, so the World Environment Day festivities kicked off by increasing awareness within our own team at Tractebel. Next, our environmental advocates continued with activities in two schools, the ISFOP LOKO School and the University Félix Houphouët Boigny of Cocody. During these exchanges, in the presence of the Director, Dean, staff, and students, our experts introduced their professions and how they actively promote environmental sustainability. The objective of these meetings was to encourage students to take an active part in protecting the environment and contributing to the restoration of ecosystems.

To mark World Environment Day, participants planted trees on the grounds of each establishment visited.  

After the campus visits, the team met with our client CI-Energies, represented by the Head of the Environment department Mr. Oumar Ouattara. The day wrapped up with a celebration at the General Directorate of the Ministry of Environment, in the presence of Director Mr. Grah Nazaire Lavry. Attendees included Mr. Lavry’s department head and staff, and of course our Tractebel team.

"I am very proud to have participated in this day, and proud of the work of Anaïs and the whole team. Their World Environment Day activities helped raise awareness of environmental protection among young people while highlighting our commitment to our clients, institutions and our partners. Through these relationships, every day brings us closer to achieving our purpose of engineering a carbon-neutral future.” 

Florian Da SilvaTractebel Business Development - Business Entity France  


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