Taking site supervision to the next level

06 août 2020

Our experts implemented an innovative system for the intelligent management of engineering works in a large and complex gas pipeline replacement project in Brazil.

Transportadora Associada de Gás (TAG), the largest natural gas transmission network owner in Brazil, part of the ENGIE Group, entrusted Tractebel the mission to supervise the replacement of three stretches of a large and complex gas pipeline located in southeastern Brazil. The biggest challenge: to execute the work with the pressurized pipeline remaining in operation.

For securing this high-level critical mission, our Brazilian experts implemented an intelligent management system called FOCO. With FOCO, the three parties involved - the customer (TAG), the executor (contractor) and the inspector (Tractebel) – have instant access to the complete set of data related to the more than ten engineering assignments under the supervision of Tractebel.

“The user registers, organises and consults all information related to the different task forces. This means everyone involved in the project is in constant communication, sharing documents and qualitative and quantitative information, all on a single platform, allowing real time analysis of key aspects such as deviations from deadlines, costs and other indices,” explained Daniel Jordão, project manager.

Factors managed within FOCO include work diaries prepared by the contractor, contractual measurements, progress controls, collection of technical and managerial documentation, photographic repository, preparation of performance reports, registration of daily climatic conditions and health, safety and environment planning. In addition, the system provides a reliable archival memory since it records the entire flow of creation and approval of documents.

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