Zigh Lake Remediation Project

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The area of Zigh Lake Remediation Project is 3.46 km² with a total water surface area of 1.53 km². Zigh Lake is situated about 12 km south east of the historic centre of Baku city.

Within and around the project area oil exploitation is ongoing and oil industry is active. Both compartments of the lake are highly contaminated with oil products. Pipelines and well heads are present at the southern shore of the lake.

The actual environmental state of Zigh Lake is poor. Waste, rubble and asbestos cover the shore lines and are present into the project area.

Goals of the project:

  • Remediation of the oil polluted lake and the surrounded area in a sustainable and technically and financially feasible way. The remediation has been executed in an optimum synergy with the development of the project area as a city park.
  • Zigh Lake as a city park, endpoint of the future boulevard along the shore line of the Caspian Sea
Client Tamiz Shahar - for Ministry of Economy and Industry Azerbaijan
Location Azerbaijan
Period 2017-2019

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