Ethiopia-Kenya Power System Interconnection Project

Ethiopia and Kenya
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In the frame of the EAPP (East African Power Pool) master plan, a power transmission line has been constructed between Ethiopia and Kenya in order to connect the national power grids of both countries. This transmission line allows the use of the important hydropower potential of Ethiopia in the whole region. Lahmeyer International has been supervising  the construction of a DC power transmission line. The length of the line is more than 1000 km long and is contracted in 5 lots. One further lot comprises the construction of the two substations for the conversion of 400 kV AC (Alternative Current) to 500 kV DC (Direct Current), the adjacent 400 kV AC substations in 1 ½ circuit breaker configuration, two Ground Electrode Stations and the connection of the 400 kV AC substations to the national power grids. The project has been financed for the most part by AFD (African Development Bank) and World Bank.

Client EEP - Ethiopian Electric Power
Location Ethiopia and Kenya
Period 2013 - 2018
Capacity 2,000 MW

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High-Voltage Transmission (HVAC/HVDC/FACTS) Transmission Planning