Experience nature in style - New Center Parcs in Dilsen-Stokkem, Limburg

03 May 2021

Opening in June 2021, and thanks to the LRM Group, the Terhills Resort will offer a premium experience where luxury and nature go hand in hand with stylish, waterfront cottages. Right next to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Tractebel has been responsible for the elaboration of a total multidisciplinary design  for the construction of the 250 vacation homes resort, with a focus on finding sustainable design ideas with a coherent result.

Tractebel was able to offer all the studies and, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, to take care of all the challenges. Throughout the project, urban planning, landscape, technical, architectural and interior technical challenges were incorporated into a sustainable framework; the houses have a timber frame construction, are fully electric and are embedded in a sustainable framework.

The attention to details and uniqueness can be found for example in the connection to the bicycle route network made of a floating bridge. And the links to the adjacent floating panels are a few eye-catchers that raise the entire project to a higher level.

“As an investor, LRM has a clear mission; the contribution of a Limburg project of this magnitude must stand out in terms of quality and its leverage function for the entire region. Integration and complementarity with surrounding activities are key! The location along the national park is a major asset, which is why the green infill, both in terms of technical equipment and construction, provides a unique setting.” Bart Moors, Senior Project Manager.

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