Hospital completion a priority - COVID 19

01 Apr 2020

Pushing agendas, the Montlégia Clinic in Liege, Belgium, with Tractebel help, opened its doors on 21 March, to help meet the Coronavirus challenge.

All projects have priority for Tractebel, but this was an extreme case. Last month, the CHC hospital construction, on which Tractebel has provided the majority of special technical consultation and reviews for the last 4 years, became an urgent patient in its own right. Designed from the start to provide an exceptional health-care architecture, revamping a brownfield site to provide state-of-art care for patients in any situation, the completion of the facility has been on all-go-get-ready status due to the current pandemic.

With an almost full-time dedicated Tractebel team during its build, nothing has been overlooked;  preliminary design to consignment of works and control of execution and testing of HVAC, energy production, sanitary, emergency systems and all elements critical to the hospital operation have been carefully followed and managed.

“With the request to do everything possible to help open the hospital doors as soon as possible to help manage the current crisis, we, along with every company involved, have pulled all stops to make it happen,” says Gautier Baudru, Tractebel’s Project Manager. “That the hospital will now officially open, potentially saving more lives than first expected is worth every effort. Our thoughts now lie with the patients.

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