LEME Engenharia: Energy, infrastructure and engineering

Established in 1965, TAMS do Brasil Engenheiros Consultores soon grew to be one of the primary engineering consulting companies in Latin America. It was not until 1977 that the company changed its name to LEME Engenharia. Why the change? It was time to acknowledge the company’s expanded portfolio of activities.

A portfolio that continued to expand. As well as energy infrastructure projects, LEME Engenharia, with its subsidiaries, offered services around the world in areas including:

  • infrastructure;
  • urban sanitation;
  • ports and navigable waterways;
  • providing environmental studies;
  • drainage. 

With expertise in all stages of development, from feasibility studies to final delivery, LEME Engenharia was increasingly recognised as a provider that offered every skill and solution required. Many projects have seen an amalgamation of these skills. In Iraq, for example, LEME Engenharia performed initial feasibility and environmental studies then designed, budgeted and eventually constructed a main outfall drain that was required to carry salt water from an inland irrigation project safely across the fresh water of the Euphrates River to the ocean while ensuring there was no possibility of contamination.


However, the energy industry continues to be the primary source of operations for LEME Engenharia. The company is active in a number of alternative and renewable energy projects, ranging from nuclear power to photovoltaic plants and wind farms to thermal energy. It has participated in the development of more than 60 hydroelectric plants, as well as holding a stake in the 150MW biomass plant at Campo Grande—the largest in Latin America. These efforts are complemented by involvement in 520 substations and the laying of 24,000 kilometres of transmission line, as well as the commissioning of the first UHVDC transmission line in Latin America, which covers a distance of 2,084 kilometres.

Tractebel and further expansion

Tractebel Engineering acquired LEME Engenharia in 2000. This allowed further development and expansion in Brazil. By 2012, the company was able to participate in the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, providing approximately 10% of the demand for electricity across the whole of Brazil.

Putting the environment first

During the acquisition, Tractebel and LEME Engenharia discovered a mutual commitment to the environment and the investigation of environmentally friendly forms of energy. Tractebel is proud to produce energy in the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways possible and is determined to continue doing this far into the future.

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