“CSP from dusk till dawn” webinar

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28 Oct 2020
Calle Serrano, 8, Madrid, Spanien

Our energy expert Alexander Stryk talks with experts about the financial advantages of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

The “CSP from dusk till dawn: Blueprint for 200 MW tower plant fills the PV gap” webinar focuses on the typical requirements to be met by future CSP plants to complement photovoltaic systems (PV). This innovative technology makes it possible to achieve the lowest levelized costs of electricity generation (LCOE) around the clock.

Find out more about this innovative concept for a future-oriented CSP power plant! Its optimised and standardised plant layout fits with minimal adjustments to many locations and different requirements.

CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) is a key technology in the renewable energy market and overcomes many of the issues PV systems have in the dispatch of solar energy. Solar tower projects with molten salt storage have helped provide grid operators with greater flexibility and dispatchability.

In this webinar, experts discuss the requirements that need to be met by CSP plants of the future:

  • Find out how you can apply the insights of our experts for your tenders to integrate CSP in your energy strategy. How can you benefit from innovative technologies, project structuring and complementing PV?

  • Examine how to overcome the challenges when designing and selecting the components for CSP towers with molten salt storage.

  • Hear how CSP can fill the gap of other renewables like photovoltaic systems with enhanced grid flexibility and reliability and the supply of clean power around the clock.

Find out about the bankability of these projects in the short to medium term. The experts will demonstrate how you can ultimately help add more renewables to the grid. 

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CSP in Spain