National Bank of Belgium Data Centre in Brussels

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Development of a data centre for and at the National Bank of Belgium, boulevard de Berlaimont 14, 1000 Brussels.
The new data centre comprises the new IT room per se, covering a surface area of 400 m² with a power of 300 kW, auxiliary IT rooms as well as adjacent technical rooms on two levels.
The data centre satisfies TIER III requirements.
"Double path A and B" concept. For the power supply, path A is supplied by the existing installations (MV/LV distribution and generators). Path B is supplied by new equipment that is completely independent of path A (distribution, boards, busbars, new generator with fuel storage). For the hydraulic distribution, the same double-path concept has been applied with an independent path B comprising a new production group to power the air-conditioning cabinets according to a redundant configuration.

Client Banque Nationale de belgique - Nationale Bank van België
Location Bruxelles, Belgium
Period 2013-2019


The mission comprises an architectural blueprint, study of the stability and special techniques at the various normal stages in this type of project, namely:

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