Life @ Tractebel

Take a step forward on your career path.

Are you ready to pursue excellence? And challenge yourself to evolve, innovate and break boundaries? It’s what we expect from you. What we help you deliver. It’s how you make a difference to our clients and the world that relies on them. 

Key facts

  • Engineer a green future with Tractebel. 
  • Advance your skills and knowledge with training and education courses.
  • Play a part in international projects.
  • Expand your professional network. We operate with a culture of professional mobility that allows you to move between the entities of Tractebel or within ENGIE.
  • Benefit from a good work-life balance. Our dynamic work environment allows you to telecommute, work close to home or investigate any of the other flexible options we offer.

Unlock your full potential. Build your future and shape the world together with us. The energy world is facing a real revolution as we move towards new decentralised, decarbonised and digitised energy systems. You can be part of it. And as your professional know-how expands, you’ll have the opportunity to take up new responsibilities. Or pursue new challenges. We operate with a culture of professional mobility that allows you to move between entities, countries or within the ENGIE Group.

Find out which job vacancies Tractebel currently has open for you. 

Design energy and infrastructure projects

The world is changing. And so are the challenges our clients face. Project requirements are becoming more stringent. Environmental concerns greater than ever. Which is why we need to respond with ground-breaking, sustainable low-impact solutions. Tractebel encourages you to use your talent, enthusiasm and expertise to innovate. Engineer a green future with us.

Taste the international experience

Where would you like to work? Are you ready for an adventure: Tractebel has offices in 33 countries around the world. We manage projects in more than 140. And our geographical presence is still expanding. This allows us to develop a strong exchange programme that sends interested engineers abroad to work on projects for a set period of time. It’s the perfect way to develop technical, behavioural and language skills. All while expanding your professional network.

Propose new and fresh ideas

You’re young. You have potential. And you want to prove yourself in a large organisation. Tractebel embraces its entrepreneurial side by developing a close collaboration between millennials and senior managers. We offer high potentials a creative but purposeful ‘playground’: the Shadow Excom. It’s mission is to present the Executive Committee with fresh, new ideas relevant for the entire organisation. 

Take a walk in the shoes of Dario, Kim and Rebecca

Tractebel believes in teamwork. We frequently solve challenges with insight and advice from experts in different departments. Or different countries. You’ll collaborate with people from many different cultural backgrounds. Especially as part of our exchange programmes. You’ll find them as enriching as they are rewarding. Take a walk in the shoes of one of your future colleagues Dario, Kim and Rebecca.

And don’t forget to have fun too!

At Tractebel we give our best and even more to rise to the challenge of offering our clients multidisciplinary solutions in energy, water and infrastructure. Day in, day out. But this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. After all, we are at work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Therefore, Life@Tractebel is also about passion, team work, friendship, cohesion and commitment.

Are you ready for a challenge? Is it time to put your skills to the test? And take a step forward on your career path? Apply today! 

Apply today!